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God Is Our Trust

Jesus sees His true church on earth, whose greatest ambition is to cooperate with Him in the grand work of saving souls. He hears their prayers, presented in contrition and power, and Omnipotence cannot resist their plea for the salvation of any tried, tempted member of Christ's body. . . . Jesus ever liveth to make intercession for us. Through our Redeemer what blessings may not the true believer receive? The church, soon to enter upon her most severe conflict, will be the object most dear to God upon earth. . . . Will Christ, our representative and head, close His heart, or withdraw His hand, or falsify His promise? No; never, never.

We do not worry. The cause is the Lord's; He is on board the ship as Chief Director, and He will guide our bark into port. Our Master can command the winds and the waves. We are only His workers, to obey orders; what He saith, that will we do. We have no need to be anxious or troubled. God is our trust. 

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